9,999 Punk Kitties are coming to the metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain. The Punk Kitties project aims to let new players participate in the exciting metaverse journey, starting from getting the first cool NFT.

4,999 Punk Kitties are free!Claim your first Punk Kitty! 100% fair distribution, 100% fair chance to win the Rare, Epic, and Legendary Kitty!

Claim Your Kitty11 Max / 0 ETH/4,999FREE
Mint Your NFTs510 Max / 0.05 ETH/5,000
Fair Distributionstar
You might wonder, are free kitties valuable? Let’s be clear that the distribution of Punk Kitties is absolutely fair between free and paid kitties.

The odds of getting Legendary Punk Kitties are the same for both free and paid Punk Kitties. So are Rare and Epic ones.

So go get your first FREE Punk Kitty now, before it is too late!

Rarity Chart

Each Punk Kitty is unique and programmatically generated from over 170 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All Kitties are dope, but some are rarer than others.


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Letting more new players have the chance to get their free NFTs is and always will be the project's long-term goal. To do this, part of the project's income will go to the community fund to build an active community and boost community art creation. Collaboration with more artists will bring more artworks into the Crypto world. More future plans will be proposed by the community. Keep changing, and keep moving.


How many Punk Kitties will be minted?


How much does a Punk Kitty cost to mint?

4,999 Punk Kitties can be claimed for free, and the other 5,000 costs 0.05 ETH for each.

Is there a limit to the number of kitties I can mint?

Each unique address can claim only 1 Punk Kitty for free distribution; 1~10 Punk Kitties can be minted per transaction for 0.05 ETH each, unlimited transactions.

When can I see my Punk Kitties after minting?

Immediately after you claim/mint.

Where will the metadata be hosted?

Metadata will be hosted on the decentralized storage network after all Punk Kitties are minted.

What is the difference between free and paid Punk Kitties?

Free and paid Punk Kitties are the same. Everyone has the same chance to win rare kitties no matter how they claim / mint it.

Is there a whitelist? How can I get whitelisted?

Nope. No whitelist. No reserved supply. 100% Punk Kitties are distributed fairly to all.

What is the core idea behind this project?

Although NFT and metaverse market is growing rapidly, most new Crypto players still haven't got their first NFT. The Punk Kitties project aims to let more newcomers get involved in the most exciting future, starting from getting their first NFT for free.